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So you’ve booked your portrait session with Conchita Sophia Photography and typically the next thought is “what the heck are we going to wear??”  First of all let me start by saying that I don’t make you figure this all out by yourself!  Your portraits are an investment and clothing is one of the important pieces in the puzzle. During your pre-portrait consultation we will talk about your style and the look you want from your session.  But in the mean time here are a few tips to get you started in your clothing selection…

1.  Don’t be afraid of color!! It is not necessary to match everyone with exactly the same color or outfits. Being matchy matchy is a thing of the past, instead coordinate colors.  Doing this gives everyone their own individuality and also brings the family together as a whole.  If you feel unsure about what colors go best together, again this is where I will help you if you would like.  🙂  There are also tons of inspiration online like Pinterest (here is a link to my boards), in magazines or you could even look up the color wheel.  I found a SUPER COOL website where you can click on a color on the color wheel and it will tell you the complimentary color, analogous color (which means similar or correspondent in some respects), split complements, triadic colors, or tetradic colors.  Doesn’t that sound awesome!  The possibilities are endless and it’s actually super fun to play around with!  Here is the link for the color wheel website.

Thank you to my friends Sarah and Drew who helped me with this little project!  (Want to see more of Sarah and Drew’s pictures, click here!) I’ve also attached a few other portraits for examples from other sessions I’ve done…

What to wear for couples by Conchita Sophia Photography

…a great example of use of color with a family!

What to wear for family sessions by Conchita Sophia Photography

2. Patterns… This can make some people get really nervous haha!  As with color, don’t be afraid,  just be a little more cautious.  Some patterns go really great together like one of  my favorites, polka dots and stripes!  When it comes to pairing up patterns one good rule of thumb is to vary the pattern sizes, use one large scale pattern with one small scale pattern. Be careful when adding jewelry when wearing patterns. Since your clothing will already be making a statement, it’s best to keep your jewelry simple. Adding patterns to your clothing doesn’t need to be limited to your top or bottoms, also think about accessories. There are also patterns in things like belts, scarfs, ties, hats or shoes.  These accessories also show your personality!

What to wear for accessories by Conchita Sophia Photography

This image of mom and daughter is a great example of both colors and patterns used together!

What to wear for families by Conchita Sophia Photography

The images below is an example of way too much pattern and busy-ness going on.  Whoa, my eyes don’t know where to look!  🙂  Although Sarah is wearing an awesome necklace, it’s too much with the pattern of her dress and the flannel shirt Drew is wearing.

What not to wear by Conchita Sophia Photography

When converted to black & white, things look better but you’re most likely not going to want all your portraits in black & white.  🙂  Yes, some portraits converted are always timeless in black & white but embracing color is a good thing!

What not to wear by Conchita Sophia Photography

3.  Use of texture is also another great thing to think about when choosing your clothing for your portrait session.  Texture can be anything from lace, satin, boucle, denim and corduroy… just to name a few. Texture can also be embellishments such as sequins and beading.

4.  Accesories… agh, one of my favorite things!  We all know what they are and have our favorites.  Shoes most definitely are a great accessory for both the girls and guys.  Necklaces, earrings, scarves, headbands, hats, ties, so on and so on.  Hats are another accessory I really love.  They can quickly and easily change up your look.  Layering up is another way to quickly change up your look, such as adding a vest, jacket or little sweater.

What to wear by Conchita Sophia Photography

5. Wearing all black or white… NO!  Don’t do it!  When everyone in the family or a couple both wear black tops or white, they blend into each other. This causes everyone to mesh as one and there in no longer separation or individuality.  Now I’m not saying not to wear ANY black or white… just make sure there are other colors being used by other people.  Having color in your portraits always make the images pop more and it’s a beautiful thing!  🙂

"What To Wear, What Not To Wear" by Conchita Sophia Photography

Now a few last tips to prepare for your fabulous session…

  • Please make sure ALL clothing is pressed, wrinkly clothes don’t look good on anybody.  😉
  • Ladies, make sure your nails are either freshly polished or clean.  No chipped nail polish please.
  • No big logos or wording on clothing.  This can be a distracting element in your portraits. You want your family to be the focus in the portrait not someone’s logo.
  • Try on all clothes and shoes one week before your session to make sure everything fits properly.  If it doesn’t this will give you enough time to replace something. (This is a must especially for maternity sessions!)
  • Lotion up!  Hydrated skin looks better than dry, chalky skin.  🙂
  • Dress for the season.  If it’s winter, don’t wear sandals with a summer outfit.  Not only will you freeze and be uncomfortable, you will also look out of place.  :/

Hope all these tips help you prepare for your session.  And not to worry, I’m always here to help!  I love being a part of the preparation for the session!

And the most important tip of all… DON’T STRESS AND HAVE FUN!!!!!!

**Some of these tips don’t pertain to individual portraits like High School Senior Portraits, or a children’s session.  When it comes to individual portraits, it doesn’t matter if one person is wearing an all black top or outfit.  🙂

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